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Thanks everybody for visiting my deviantart!

I've got 1000pageviews in about 3 months, and that is really a lot for me I guess =)

I hope you enjoy what you see on my deviantart, and just keep watching and commenting :D

thanks again!
Hi everybody!

I just had an idea, how about animating a Mario Bros Pixel Plant? Would anybody be interested in helping me with that? I would model and render the plant, but therefor I would need something like this for every step of the evolution…

If anybody is interested, please contact me ;) I just put a test render on my deviantart of the first picture and the last one!

thanks in advance :D

Wow thanks everyone! 4000 pageviews, that's immense ;)
Thanks to everybody who watched my deviantart, and liked my work! :D
I can't upload any deviations anymore because I cant select the categorie it has to go it!